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Installation Instructions

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Snap-Z™ Ridge Vent Installation Instructions

Interested in installing roof vents? The Snap-Z™ Ridge Roof Vent system is very easy to install and comes in three different sizes and therefore you will need to check to see which one will work best for you.

  1. The Snap-Z™ 1000 works with 1" high standing seam roof vent applications and it fits between the ribs at the ridge of the standing seam roof panels. This Z Closure System was invented to work with 1” open Hem Ridge capping. View Printable Instructions
  2. Snap-Z™ 1500* was invented to work with a 1 12" standing seam roof venting systems. It will fit between the ribs at the top of the roof panels. The Z Closure System was designed to perform with a 1" open Hem Ridge cover. View Printable Instructions
  3. Snap-Z™ 1750 is designed to work with 1 34" roof vent application which will fit in between the ribs of standing seam roof panels. View Printable Instructions

(Please Note: Ridge Capping Hems should be open by 18” or .10.)

Installing Roof Vents

There are several simple steps that you will need to follow to install the vent to a metal roof.

Roof Vent Installation
  1. Take any of the models listed above and a screw gun and install one on each side of the ridge of the roof. You'll need to allow about 18” - 116” slack for the ridge capping. Use at least two #10 screws per Snap-Z. It is recommended to install butyl tape on the bottom side of the Snap-Z™ prior to the installation.
  2. Next take the ridge capping and slide it onto the vent, then fasten ridge capping to the Snap-Z vent with a minimum of six- #44 Stainless Steel rivets per 10’ section. It is recommended to use screws to fasten the vented Z closure that penetrate through the decking by about 12”.

And that's it. Installing roof vents is so easy to do saving your customers time and money.

All the Snap-Z™ models are available in a variety of lengths and comes in 15 standard colors. There are more color options available upon request.

*It is not recommended to install Snap-Z 1750 on any roof slope that is less than 312 pitch.