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Metal Roof Ridge Vent System

Our vented Snap-Z™ closure allows you to work faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money!

Snap Z Standing Seam Roof Vent

Our patented new design is made specifically for Standing Seam Metal Roofs.


Snap-Z Ridge Roof Vent System

This revolutionary ridge roof vent is made for standing seam metal roofs only. Our patented vented closure systems are sold to dealers and distributors. The clean and neat appearance of the metal ridge roof vent will complement any roof.

Ridge Vent

Roof Vents are Easy to Install

Our metal roof ridge vents are designed for standing seam metal roofs and requires a simple two step process making installation a breeze.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Minimum Fasteners

All that is needed is to fasten the ridge vent to the metal roof ridge and attach the ridge cap onto the Snap-Z™ vent. It's as easy as that.

Roof Ventilation

Reduces Labor

It enables roofers or contractors to work faster and be more efficient which will save businesses time and money.


  1. Simply fasten Snap-Z™ to metal roofing at ridge.
Step 1A Roof Vent
Step 1B Roof Vent
  1. Easily attach the ridge cap onto the Snap-Z™ vent.
Step 2A Roof Vent
Step 2B Roof Vent

It's as easy as that. For more detailed information, check out our Snap-Z Models.

Roof Ridge Vent Product Offerings

A roof ridge vent is key for attic roof ventilation. Our ridge roof vent system is specifically designed to keep the attic area cool and help maintain the proper humidity balance. They are typically found on peaked roofs and where upper slopes meet. The Snap Z™ system is easy to install and comes in three separate models.

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